The key to our success lies in ensuring the complete satisfaction of our discerning purchasers. We are pleased to say that we fulfil this with every development we complete, underlined by the many positive communications we receive from our buyers. Purchase one of our homes and you too will experience our attention to detail, the high quality of finishes and fittings inside and out, and of course, our exceptional levels of customer service.

Our Purchasers Say

The most memorable positive aspect has been how outstanding the people I have dealt with have been. I am so likely to recommend them because I am very happy and really like the property.

Eva Ashford, Quay West, Poole

We bought our first house from one of the large housebuilders – and the experience was horrendous. This was our second house purchase and I had some initial reservations about dealing with a small property developer. But from the outset we’ve been hugely impressed with the service – Metis Homes was absolutely fantastic.

They were very quick to keep us in touch with what was going on, very thorough, always willing to listen and extremely accommodating. They really cared about doing everything they could to help.

Mr & Mrs Holborrow, Kingswood, Hedge End

The specification of our home was much higher than we expected and it was clear that a lot of thought had gone into the details. For example, we had budgeted for adding a lot of electrical points, but found that there was already a TV point in every room and power to the garage, too. For the flooring, tiles and kitchen worktops, we expected to be given a couple of options, but Metis Homes invited us to the local Porcelanosa showroom and asked us to select our preferred style – we really weren’t expecting that level of service. Metis Homes has made it a pleasure to buy a home from them.

Mr & Mrs Holborrow, Kingswood, Hedge End

They have gone beyond our expectations. They were fantastic…they came in straight away, no questions asked and put everything right, so we can’t fault them.

Mr Hallett, The Bramleys, Gosport

You would be naïve to think that there are never going to be any problems with a brand new house and the small items we have had have been sorted out without any delay.

Mr Luckman, Murrells Cottages, Barnham

I would recommend Metis Homes because of the good communication and a well-designed property that has been built to a high standard.

Mr Nathan, Quay West, Poole

We had such a good experience with them. I was fearful of buying a new build as I had heard many horror stories. Basically, they were the opposite of all I had read…they listened and they put things right when asked.

Mr Perryman, Aspects, Goring by Sea

They have always replied to any queries we have had very quickly…it’s been first class.

Mr Perryman, Aspects, Goring by Sea

The dealings we had with Metis Homes were so easy and everyone was helpful and accommodating. Everything was so easy and straight forward and the homes are good quality.

Mr Randall, Aspects, Goring by Sea

We were impressed with the care that they not only put into the property but the aftercare and we were particularly impressed with the one month review and a complete review within twelve months.

Mr Russell, Hunters Mews, Alton

The vision that the builders had was right up our street. What you get for your money is pretty impressive and you’d be hard pushed to find this level of space and finish in other houses. What we are getting is really good value for money and that’s a real persuasive factor.

Mr Stanko, Aspects, Goring by Sea

The homes are not too expensive, but what you get for that money is pretty impressive and you’d be hard pushed to find this level of space and finish in other houses. What we’re getting is really good value for money.

Mr Stanko, Aspects, Goring by Sea

They are very keen that you are happy…they work with you, not against you. They are as good as I could have wished for. It was really nice to deal with people that were like minded and they’re very enthusiastic…their product means a lot to them.

Mrs Luckman, Murrells Cottages, Barnham

I got very stressed at the beginning trying to sell my bungalow and I nearly packed it in. However, David Oakley was there 100% and helped me through. I wrote a letter to the manager expressing how good he was…he took away as much stress as he was able to.

Mrs Morcom, Quay West, Poole

If there were any problems Dave Courtnage was there, immediately…he’s great.

Mrs Russell, Hunters Mews, Alton

We were dealt with very professionally and everything went smoothly.

Mrs Wade, Quay West, Poole

We’ve worked with Metis Homes since the company was first set up and consider them one of our best clients. Their team is very professional and thorough, and they fully investigate sites before taking them on. Particularly impressive is that, unlike many developers, they are always prepared to put extra detailing into their developments to achieve a good aesthetic that suits the local area. On a personal level, they are very friendly and pleasant to work with and have high integrity in their business dealings.

Paul Watkinson, ADP Architects Limited

As important as it is for us to establish excellent relationships with our purchasers, we also enjoy close relationships with our respected contractors, each experts in their field, from our architects and planners to suppliers of kitchens, bathrooms, ancillary fittings and services.

Metis Homes are probably the most professional property development company I’ve ever worked with and are extremely thorough in every detail. Few developers use an external company to check safety standards, but it’s very helpful and ultimately ensures the safety of everyone working on site. Eastgate is a complex and difficult project, but our work has been made much easier by Metis Homes’ professionalism and teamwork.

Adrian Arnatt, Contracts Manager, Spetisbury Construction Limited

As building contractors, we’ve worked with Metis Homes for around five years and will shortly start work on our sixth scheme with them in Sheet, near Petersfield. Metis Homes is an excellent partner – extremely professional but friendly, and we work very closely together with regular meetings on site and constant contact by phone. There’s great respect between us and it’s a very productive and enjoyable relationship that helps us get the best result.

Andy Chase, Director, F. E. Chase & Son Limited

It really is refreshing to work with a developer that understands the importance and value in designing the outside and garden spaces to the homes they build. The Metis Homes team are very easy to work with and their desire and vision to provide the best design to suit each particular development is very rewarding.

Anita Foy, Landscape Designer, Hillier Landscapes

We’re proud to have supported the Metis Homes business since its inception in 2007. We work closely with the high calibre team and have been impressed with their quality and professionalism at all stages. We are delighted to be part of the evolution of Metis Homes and are excited to continue our work with them as their business grows and develops

Ian Cooke, Relationship Director, NatWest Real Estate Finance

Thomas Gray Search and Selection have partnered Metis for all of their key hires. They share the same high values and understand the product, culture and dynamic leadership of Adam O’Brien and his Board. Metis have always taken time and care putting together tight job profiles and have adopted a considered and highly professional approach to appointing the right individuals that augment their talented team.

Ian Gray, Managing Director, Thomas Gray

At the Internet Video Company, we’ve been working with Metis Homes for several years, and have always found them excellent clients, who really understand and embrace the power of video to showcase their developments to the widest audience. They are innovative and bold in their marketing, using a powerful combination of TV quality documentary style filming, including aerial drones; highly impactful owner testimonial interviews; and high quality CGI animations. We film for clients in every sector, and Metis Homes are certainly the innovative thought leaders in the property industry.

Jonathan Booth, Managing Director, The Internet Video Company

Safety is clearly a core value at Metis Homes who go above and beyond their legal duties. It’s unusual for a small developer to appoint an independent company to monitor safety standards across their contractor supply chain. That really shows commitment. I’m particularly impressed at how Metis Homes makes sure that the findings of our reports are followed through by the appointed principal contractor. They keep the pressure on their contractors to constantly make improvements, but it’s always done in a very reasonable and pleasant way that encourages team spirit. Metis Homes is very professional and efficient – definitely one of our best clients.

Mark Wilson, MSafe Partner

When our office building Robert Rogers House fell vacant we felt that the residential conversion market would offer a greater return and approached Metis Homes on the basis of their reputation and experience. We were very impressed by their appraisal work which was swift, very professional and refreshingly open. From an early stage it felt like we were in the project together and the information flow was excellent. Metis Homes has created a superb apartment scheme. Their exceptional judgement of the market for the right product, combined with clever and creative marketing, has made Quay West a tremendous success and for us very financially rewarding. I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Metis Homes and their professionalism throughout. It has
been a most enjoyable and successful piece of business.

Michael Price, Managing Director, Forelle Estates

Metis Homes is very forward thinking and innovative in the way they approach the specification and design of their homes. Unlike many developers who are driven by price, Metis Homes puts the focus firmly on quality and finish, and are always looking for ways to make their homes stand out.

They have a clear view of what they want to achieve and we work together to deliver the best designs – it’s a true two-way process. It’s clear they set a lot of store by building strong relationships with their suppliers, and encouraging us all to buy in to their values, and this is ultimately reflected in the quality of their homes.

Richard Taylor, Regional Manager, Porcelanosa