At the start of any development site is the land acquisition process. It is the raw material that is essential for what we do. Without land, we simply can’t build and sell homes to our customers.

The identification, negotiation and acquisition of land is therefore central to our business.

Before a single brick is laid on any of our developments a huge amount of work has been undertaken by us, to acquire the site, secure planning permission and discharge all the necessary conditions and approvals.

We will buy land with and without planning permission. To get a further understanding of our current requirements please click here to view our land brochure.

The Metis Homes team has a 100% proven track record of success in obtaining planning permissions and on securing land ready for development.

Our team brings with them a wealth of experience from time spent in the industry working with and for a wide variety of recognised businesses in their respective fields. We are a small company with big credentials and real expertise within the real estate sector.

Metis Homes has, for two years running, been recognised as one of the best small housebuilders in the UK by their industry peers, winning Silver and then Gold in the annual WhatHouse? Awards in 2016 and 2017. A fundamental part of our success as a business is down to our ability to identify and acquire sites that are not only right for the business, but that deliver the right product in the right locations to provide our customers with an exemplary new home.

As a result, we are constantly on the look-out for new development opportunities that are suitable for our requirements. As a company we take a bespoke approach to all of our sites, selecting the right project team including architects, consultants and all professional advisors that enable us to unlock the potential in the land and maximise the value for the landowner. The whole team gets involved in the design and delivery process.

Land Requirements

We are looking to grow the business organically and are interested in a variety of land and development sites.

What? - As a business we need land to deliver between 75-100 new homes per year.

How many? - Our aim is to achieve 10–12 new land transactions per year.

The key to successful land acquisition is creating an opportunity where everyone wins. For the landowner, the price and journey must be right. For the local community, it means designing a scheme that meets their aspirations and delivering on our promises.

Adam O’Brien, Managing Director - Metis Homes

Building a flawless track record with receiving planning permission is almost unprecedented and involves an enormous amount of dedication and consideration by the wider Metis team which we have been proud to have been involved with on many occasions. By consulting with members in the local area and doing so in a timely manner they have continued to keep their 100% track record. This is a testament to the team's ability to communicate sensitively and clearly with a wide array of people and interested parties.

Martin Hawthorne, Head of Planning at WYG South

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