We are dynamic in the land market using the experience and the ability of our team to tackle complex land acquisitions that others our size can’t or won’t be able to secure.

A reputation for integrity and quality, together with an entrepreneurial approach and financial strength, lies behind our success in securing outstanding sites.

The combination of our management team’s big company experience allied to Metis Homes’ smaller company flexibility and attention to detail has helped us secure many prime sites in some of the finest locations. Testament to our dynamic approach to land buying and financial strength we are able to complete the purchase of sites within minimum timescales.

We currently have several new sites in the pipeline, placing us in a strong position for future growth.

The key to successful land acquisition is creating an opportunity where everyone wins. For the landowner, the price and journey must be right. For the local community, it means designing a scheme that meets their aspirations and delivering on our promises.

Adam O’Brien, Managing Director - Metis Homes